Take me to the moon, Tsuki

Take me to the moon.

The night the moon left, I know how much you’ve had to see. The blades wouldn’t cut your skin, it was just so cold. But her earrings which she left on your thighs right as your lips pierced her breasts. These earrings were sharp enough. Sharp enough to pierce ‘you’, sharp enough to let your blood know that you were suffocating, for too long now.

You must’ve felt your petals falling, burning into quiet storms. Your tongue on the greasy rusted walls didn’t taste metal and poison when you licked love. But now you can feel the pain. The pain of your 32 teeth splitting apart like the 7 continents split.

Now, you can feel your clothes being torn apart as your tears freeze on their way to the moon. Now, you can feel your eyes being forced out with forks not even letting your ears hear it. And your mouth, would still remember that taste.

Your mouth would still remember the taste of the empty corner you cried in, at that never ending hallway. But you know what you’ve been through. I know what you’ve had to see. You’ve had broken wings for a while and you really do want to fly, but can’t. You realise too late that the girl on the bicycle always leaves. Like clouds passing by your face, you just never find her again even in bright light and you get lost in it.

I’m sorry that you had to make a home in this catharsis and suffocation that you built around yourself. Home for you should’ve been something else. Something much happier and at peace. Instead, I see you licking the stars on the ground just because the skies burned away. Home for you should’ve been the moon.


Take me home already!

Heyyy how’s it going everyone. Lately I’m feeling like a sunflower. And I feel like I’m trying to escape the walls of tragedy that I built around myself. I know the poetry is not about it at all. But I also know that sadness and art will come again so Ehhh, I hope you like reading.

I personally want to write a lot more about social issues but gotta be careful with those.

Anyways, ♥️🌻

Thank you(×infinity) for reading.

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  1. Yiena says:

    I really loved the pictures as well as the feelings of the piece~ 🥰 stay safe dear~ 🙈

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    1. Sid says:

      Ufff!! Thank youu so much. And same too youu♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥺🌻

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      1. Yiena says:

        We are here for you dear~💖

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      2. Sid says:


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  2. Nour R. says:

    Oh wow. Idk if this was the purpose of this piece but it felt like this was a description of a sunrise. The time in which all the flaws that the night hid are now clearly displayed for everyone to see. I was thinking about why I like he night time and one of the reasons is that I don’t have to be productive. Most people are asleep. But in the morning, when I’m procrastinating I feel every minute that I’m wasting while others are achieving. I overthink things 😂😂

    “But I also know that sadness and art will come again so” *mood* 😂

    Your boi is falling into sad boii hours far too frequently so can’t relate

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    1. Sid says:

      Duuuude!!! I feel the exact same way. Like we can do whatever we like or whatever we want in the night. I guess that’s why criminals and batman come out in the night. But wow. That’s so relatable and yt I did not give it a thought.

      Also your reviews are always awesome. 🌻🌻🌻❤️

      Sad boi hours will go away and come back for us to teach art.

      Emoji of the week : 🦗❤️🌻🌻


      1. Nour R. says:

        Good to know I’m not alone 😂

        Aw tanks. I feel the same bout your comments!

        I am SO not in the mood to make all my troubles real by writing them. I’ll prolly do it anyways tho 😂

        Bro insects give me anxiety no just no 😂 since you feel like a sunflower then here 🌻

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      2. Sid says:

        Ufff 😤😤😤! Then have this 🍯🐖🐎


      3. Nour R. says:

        Thank you 😂🍕


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